Making The Old New Again

Pretty good article on repurposing leftovers over at The Simple Dollar:

Nine Creative Ways to Utilize Leftovers from Common Meals

One of the best ways to really extract the value from a meal is to utilize every bit of the leftover food instead of merely throwing it away. Not only does this reduce waste, it also drastically reduces the cost per meal in your household, and over the long term, that can add up to a lot of money.

The only problem with this philosophy is that leftovers are often not exactly the most tasty thing for the palate. . .

My approach is a little different. I try very hard to find ways to use leftover food in interesting and substantially different dishes a night or two later. This way, the new meal doesn’t seem like a stale re-hash of the first one.

I followed the same sort of method he uses for pot roast to transform my Thanksgiving leftovers. If you're like me and find it's a rare meal you want to eat twice in quick succession, you might want to check this out.