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Lost Medal

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Title: Lost MedalAuthor : Karen Jean Matsko HoodRelease Date : January 23, 2015Genre: Animals,Books,Kids,Pages : * pagesSize : 2907 KB


Read and experience this story about the summer of changes with the love-able Stedman girls. Serious older sister Nichole must come to terms with her bitterness against her absentee father who has been gone for over a year. As well she must find a way to help her over-worked mother Debbie survive the struggle of raising two girls by herself. Fun-loving and less-careful younger sister Rebecca often unintentionally finds herself in a bind, when her sister is not around to look out for her. Although very different, Nichole and Rebecca find common ground through their shared love of riding their regal Icelandic horses, Mysla and Rella.
Life events unfold and the Stedman sisters work to find ways to meet their challenges. Questions arise: What does their father want? Can Debbie and the girls ever forgive him? Discover the answers in this charming story about the joys and struggles of growing up by children’s novelist, Karen Jean Matsko Hood.

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