A Psychedelic Thanksgiving, Courtesy Of Saveur

Anyone else find these girly green beans and potatoes in their November 2008 issue of Saveur?


I was looking through for side-dish inspiration when I came across this recipe for Green Beans with Pancetta and Mint.

saveur-nov2008-03.jpgI wondered if perhaps the color was a reaction with the milk you cook the beans in.

Naturally, I also wondered why anyone would eat them.

The nuts and the bacon don't look that bad, actually. I suppose you could pick around the purple beans. Or you could simply plan on inviting Barbie to your Thanksgiving dinner.

After all, she could stand to put a little meat on her bones.

I bet Barbie would love this potato and celery root purée -- in bubble-gum pink.

saveur-nov2008-04.jpgI do love the taste of celery root in my potatoes. I ate heartily the year my grandma tried spicing up the standard mashers this way.

But these Whipped Masted Potatoes with Celery Root just don't look right.

They appear to need some marshmallows.

Or maybe strawberries would be a healthier garnish? The mash does look a bit like that strawberry mousse salad thing they put on buffets sometimes.

OK, so maybe Saveur was not trying to push us all in a very new direction for our holiday meals. I checked their web site and found that indeed, the beans are green and the potatoes white:


Maybe someone more familiar with publishing can explain the weird colors? The rest of the magazine was less trippy.

saveur-nov2008-02.jpgCheck out the November issue for some surprisingly light holiday fare:

Sweet Potato Casserole: The recipe accommodates the marshmallow crowd while also making room for those of us who prefer the healthier option, nuts. Also, this casserole is made with evaporated milk instead of heavy cream.

Roasted Cranberry Sauce: If you don't go for the traditional sliceable jelly from a can, then you might be interested in this walk on the wild side. With cardamom, jalepeño, and heart-friendly extra-virgin olive oil, it's both healthy and odd-sounding.

And of course, don't miss out on the actually totally normal Green Beans with Pancetta and Mint and Whipped Masted Potatoes with Celery Root. The green beans do feature butter and cured pork, but the hazelnuts provide healthy fat in this rich holiday dish. As for the potatoes . . . well, celery root has less than half the calories of potatoes. Otherwise, there's not much redeeming health value here.

But they are a lovely shade of pink.

Photos: Saveur

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